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If you have been denied Social Security benefits by the state, time is of the essence to review your documentation and formulate a plan of appeal.

If the state has denied your application for disability benefits, please call my office ASAP and I will fight hard for your appeal. The structure of medical documentation is critical for the success of your case.


Caring for seniors often requires very critical Documents to be prepared including a durable power of attorney, an advance medical directive, a special needs trust, and possibly a Medicaid Compliant Annuity.

Some special circumstances may require a petition to the court for the appointment of a conservator.

Veterans, and often spouses of veterans, may be eligible for VA assistance for assisted living. Getting through that process can often be complicated and require assistance.


If you don’t have a will, think strongly about letting us draft one for you. There are many ways to avoid probate but you need to plan for those complications while you are drafting your will. You may also need a durable power of attorney, an advanced medical directive or a living trust if you have special circumstances in your life right now.


I have been a Tennessee Rule 31 Civil Mediator since 1997 and listed as a mediator with the US District Court in Middle Tennessee since 2000.

As a DOD Mediator since 1994, I have mediated, or supervised mediation, in over 1000 cases involving disputes between military reservists and employers relevant to almost every employment law issue, with particular reference to the USERRA law.

I have also represented state and federal agencies at mediations involving employment law and collective bargaining issues.


As an attorney and General Counsel for the Tennessee Military Dept. (Tennessee National Guard, The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency), for almost 26 years, the overwhelming amount of my time was devoted to Employment Law. This experience included cases involving the EEOC, the ADA, the Whistleblowers Act, Immigration, the Privacy Act, the State Open Records Act, the FMLA, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Unlawful Termination, OSHA Labor Law, USERRA, Overtime Pay, Health Insurance, Age Discrimination and Collective Bargaining.


The Tennessee National Guard (TNG) has 3 collective bargaining agreements and they are governed by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), the equivalent of the NLRB in the private sector. I advised the agency on approximately 10 contract negotiations, represented the agency at multiple arbitrations, disciplinary appeals, and unfair labor practice complaints before the FLRA.